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You Found Me! Thank You for Exploring This Site. Have An Amazing Day and Much Love.

DOSAED is my motto. 

"Do (At least) One Selfless Act Every Day" to make the world a better place.

We Have Testimonials!

Here is what people have to say about M.A.D. These testimonials don't discriminate. You will find on here that their may be testimonials from those who have only heard about or seen what M.A.D. is capable of, those who donated to M.A.D. or purchased a M.A.D. art piece. There will be testimonials from those who received a freebie in return for their donations and yes even from people who may not understand or appreciate M.A.D. I don't see unagreeable comments as hate comments, they are - to me, constructive criticism. Even those that disagree should still be heard as long as what they have to say is thoughtful and has cause.