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You Found Me! Thank You for Exploring This Site. Have An Amazing Day and Much Love.

DOSAED is my motto. 

"Do (At least) One Selfless Act Every Day" to make the world a better place.

Why Do I Have Secret Shops?

I wanted a way to give back to my true supporters and since my website doesn't support coupons, I decided to create a unique page for each of my four Art social media account: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. As a true supporter, you can find the special link to my secret shops in one of my videos on each platform. I will post the link to the shop in the description and mention the password in the same video. On Instagram, the IG password will be cleverly hidden in one of my photo. If a supporter becomes a friend (we support each other) or constantly pop up on my feed that I can instantly recognize them, they will receive a message from me with the link and code to that specific social media secret shop. If you have been one of my supporters for a while and you still cannot seem to find the link and password in my content, you can message me on that platform and ask for it. I will look you up and confirm that you are a supporter and have been one for at least 90 days. 

What are featured in these Secret Shops?

* You can receive discounts of specific Items

* You have access to Annual Exclusive Items that are only available to supports for that Social Media Platform

* You have access to FREE products such as stickers, bumper stickers, keychains, greeting cards, etc

* You have access to FREE products or discounted products with purchase of a specific amount to that item with no additional shipping & handling fee unless it's a "Just Pay Shipping & Handling" product. These items can range from self-defense daggers to coaster, 3D Objects to resin art, prints to original copies

* Receive or claim passwords or links to exclusive videos

* Have opportunities to Purchase FaceTimes or receive/claim FREE 30 Min FaceTime code words that you can redeem whenever you wish by messaging me the code word and ask for your FaceTime

* Have opportunities to bid on exclusive products and original paintings. 100% of bid proceeds goes towards charitable causes

* Have opportunities to buy first of extremely limited, special edition, and/or exclusive products

* Get the know on Meet & Greets, Community Service Projects, Fundraisers, Volunteer Opportunities, and more!

* Have fun opportunities such as a shout out in one of my contents or appear in one of my videos as a guest

* Have the opportunity to Claim the knowledge of my Discord ID so you can talk to me within a reasonable time period...just don't get weird. 

* And more!

More about Claiming the Knowledge of my Discord ID

This can be good if you just want to chat, are having a bad day or even a great day, or have questions/concerns about art or other things, if you have tips or advice for me to grow as an artist, and other such matters. Keep conversations Rated G to PG. I may tolerate PG-13 as long as it's not about violence. I will NOT tolerate rated R discussions. I will either block you or tell you that we need to end the session for that day. Respect my boundaries. 

More About Annual Exclusive Items and FREE products, Discounted Products, and "Just Pay S&H" Products

Annual Exclusive Items is the same category of products for each secret shop but each shop has their own exclusive design. In 2021, the exclusive item will be Self Defense Daggers. The Exclusive Items are not always FREE, Discounted, or Just Pay S&H. Some times you may need to pay full price, but only supporters can get them. If you want an item that's FREE with a purchase of a specific amount, if you do not reach that specific amount but still selected the item, you will not receive the item when you receive your order. So, please make sure that you follow the rules. 


1. Pay the amount necessary for the FREE Item with Purchase, Discounted Item, Just Pay S&H Item, or Exclusive item that your desire if there is a minimum purchase requirement.

2. Follow the instructions for the items in these shops. If an item says that you must only purchase 1 per person, 1 per person per order per day, or a maximum amount - then please do as told. If you order more then allowed, you will not receive the extra items and you may not be reimbursed as a penalty for breaking the rules (if you were charged for those extra items.)

3. Do NOT share the secret link

4. Do NOT share the links password

5. Be Respectful 

6. Do NOT use multiple pay pal accounts or names to get more items. It's rude and their are only a limited amount of each product that I sell.


1. You may not get reimbursed for any FREE Item with Purchase, Discounted Item, Just Pay S&H Item, or Exclusive item that you purchase over the maximum allowed. 

2. You may go on the blocked list meaning I will no longer take orders from you. I will either cancel or reimburse you for the products you bought.

3. Abuse this feature (the secret shops) and I will have to change the link and/or password. Then everyone gets punished and I don't want that.

4. Abuse this feature (the secret shops) can, may, and possibly will be deleted. Please don't take advantage of my generosity and be selfish, ugly, and cruel. I work hard on my products and I have these rules for a reason. I don't deserve to be disrespected and I would hate to have to stop the Secret Shops just because my supporters can't follow rules.