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About School Colors Nail Art

I have about 12 school colors available for purchase for each category. There is a total of 3 subcategories and 36 designs. The 3 subcategories include High School Mascots, University Mascots, and NBA State Teams. Each finger has a different pattern using the two school or team colors and the middle finger nail has the schools or teams mascot. The name of the nail design is the school mascots name. Not all schools or mascots will be available. You can alternatively purchase the colors closest to your schools color and replace the middle finger nail with another nail and paint it a solid color. These nails are a great add on to cheer leading, pep rally makeup, team spirit, and more. I only sell 100 sets of each design. Most of my nail art designs are collectible but for the nail art to be collectible you MUST purchase the Certificate of Authentication (CoA,) which can be purchased here. You also have the option to purchase a picture frame as well, to ensure the utmost mint condition of your purchase. You MUST purchase a separate CoA and/or Picture from for each purchased design if you wish them to be collectibles.