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DOSAED is my motto. 

"Do (At least) One Selfless Act Every Day" to make the world a better place.

About Making Your Purchase a Collectible!

I only sell 100 of each design and if you are a collector enthusiast, you might like adding these to your collection. If collecting my nail are designs is something you would enjoy doing, I highly recommend that you purchase a picture frame ($5.00) and Certificate of Authentication ($25.00) for each design you purchase. You can buy the picture frames and CoA separately or purchase them together for a little discount. You will need to purchase a separate picture frame and certificate for each design/item that you would like to collect. You can buy your own picture frame and frame the nails yourself though if you buy one from me, it will guarantee mint condition. 

You MUST purchase the Certificate of Authentication (CoA) to make the purchase a collectible. 

The CoA is printed on 140lb textured paper with a custom blend of fine glitter stamped as my Authentic Seal. The "Certificate of Authentication" is decorated with fine holographic glitter. For the Nail Art purchases, each CoA will have a different color border with fine glitter to represent the main category of the design purchased. Ex. Holidays, Occupations, Sports, etc. With the CoA purchase you will also receive a card with all of the information and description of your purchased design as well as the number on the card, CoA, on the back of the frame and nails. The CoA is framed for protection and to preserve the utmost mint condition.

Most of my products are collectibles by default. The only categories that takes this extra step includes: Nail Art, Polymer Clay Art, Resin Art, and Souvenir Shop. This is because most people who purchase a product from those categories are people who wish to wear or use the products purchased. So, I avoid charging those people the extra amount needed to make it a collectible. The categories that include a picture frame and the CoA by default includes: Framed Original Art, Framed Prints, and flat products from the Glitter Art category. The categories that include a protective casing for your purchase and the CoA includes: all 3D objects from the Glitter Art and Painted Objects categories.  

NOTE: For some Resin Art and Souvenir Shop products, you will need to purchase Display Cases ($25+) instead of Picture Frames, due to being bulky and/or 3D Objects.