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You Found Me! Thank You for Exploring This Site. Have An Amazing Day and Much Love.

DOSAED is my motto. 

"Do (At least) One Selfless Act Every Day" to make the world a better place.

About Commissions

This shop features the products I created for clients, that have been ordered by a client that I normally do not offer in any of my shop tabs. These products involve a clients idea brought to life or a piece featuring personal to the client such as a family member, friend, fur baby, or important possession (teddy bear, pattern, object, etc.) Most products in this tab have already been sold and this told is used mostly as a portfolio for prospective and current clients who wish to see my capabilities, past works, and to strike ideas and/or inspiration.

Please give time for me to upload the photos for any product listed in any shop. I work on my art projects, commissions, and collabs at least 8 hours a day and in between and/or during my projects I am  editing my videos, producing them, and uploading them to my YouTube Channel. When I'm not busy with art projects or editing/producing/uploading my videos, I am taking photos of my projects as well as uploading and scheduling photos and/or videos of my projects on my other social medias including Tiktok (almost daily,) Facebook (Tuesdays & Thursdays,) and Instagram (Tuesdays & Thursdays.) I post Monday thru Friday on my YT but most of the time my posts for YT, FB, and IG are prescheduled to make things easier. I am very busy all day every day and I don't get passive income. I t may take me awhile to get things uploaded to my website because I do almost everything myself and I am illiterate. I have a website editor named Maria though she also edits Nana Anns Beauty Products' website, Facebook, and Instagram Accounts as well as being the CEO of that company. So, she is as busy as I am and can't always help edit this site. Thank you for your understanding and patients.