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You Found Me! Thank You for Exploring This Site. Have An Amazing Day and Much Love.

DOSAED is my motto. 

"Do (At least) One Selfless Act Every Day" to make the world a better place.

The Company I Represent

I represent Nana Anns Beauty Products and their sister brand DTD as the companies Face and main model. My modeling page through them is The modeling page is strictly regulated and monitored by the company. Please check them out. Nana Anns Beauty Products (aka Nana Anns) is a great company with amazing products.

Nana Anns Beauty Products Social Medias                                     DTD's Social Media                                                                            

Instagram @NanaAnnsBeautyProducts                                            Instagram @DTDMakeup

Tiktok @NanaAnnsBeautyProducts                                                   Tiktok @DTDMakeup

YouTube Nana Anns                                                                             YouTube DTD Makeup

My Other Associates

DreamCatcherZen is a meditation & zen based website that my mom, Shelly, owns. She posts free 1 minute meditation videos on the website as well as sells her finished projects like framed puzzles, framed gem crafting pieces (aka diamond painting,) Asabikeshiinh (aka Dream Catchers or Dream Webs,) and other finished crafts.

This is Shelly's Facebook page that helps her share her passion for photography. It is co-founded by my mom and I.