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You Found Me! Thank You for Exploring This Site. Have An Amazing Day and Much Love.

DOSAED is my motto. 

"Do (At least) One Selfless Act Every Day" to make the world a better place.

How Did M.A.D. Come to Be?

Ever since I got back into art and made it my full time job in late 2018, I've been more open minded and creative about what art actually is. Over the passed few years while living in the apartment complex I'm currently at, I've noticed some neat things by the dumpster that gave me instant ideas on what to create with them. I found a glass cake stand, a table (sadly it got stolen over night right off my trailer,) a glass vase and some other cool stuff that really didn't need to go to waste. Just recently I have become affiliated with Glitter Makes It (Code: SMA30) and I really wanted to try out their glitters before I chose to promote them so I bought some and I'm hooked. I have over 150 Glitter Makes It Glitters now and I bottle all the glitters into shakers. I thought, "Wow, 150+ plastic bags are going to waste." I quickly figured out a way to repurpose these bags and then contacted Glitter Makes It to see if they would be interested in a Recycling Program with me. They were so excited to try this out to help the planet that they decided to go as far as funding a P.O. Box for M.A.D. I thought that was super amazing in itself. Then, I noticed one of my favorite Youtubers had posted a video on how they package and ship their tumblers and I was like "That's a lot of wasted packaging" but they have a good reason, right? Well, I contacted them to see if they'd be interested in participating in this project of mine and it got me thinking. I should make this project big. I mean, I go big or go home (like over 150 new glitters in 2 months is saying something.) So, The M.A.D. Project was born. I want companies, artists, viewers, and others to join together to make this movement, this project, happen!

The Mission

M.A.D. is an acronym for "Make A Difference" and that is exactly what this project is all about. Join M.A.D and our other supporters to help reduce unnecessary waste in our landfill and help the plants ecosystem by donating your unwanted items and packaging material to us! 

I use your unwanted materials to create beautiful pieces of art. I accept all sorts of unwanted materials from broken vases to intact containers. From empty litter bags to zip locks. Send me you paint chips and resin scraps. Got books you want to donate? I'll take those, too. I even take clean uncontaminated LH & HCG Stick wrappers. Make sure what you send me isn't perishable, toxic, unsanitary, or dirty in anyway. I take things that are even in fair to good condition. Furniture to table wear, you name it - I might accept it. 

I've saved picture frames, tables, broken vases, glass containers, old canvases, empty glitter bags & more from the landfill in just this year. Here are some more things I will accept: Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Wrapping Paper, Glitter Dump Cups, Old Tumblers. foil/aluminum sheets (completely clean please - no oils or residue,) cans (washed & rinsed,) small toys, jewelry (even kids jewelry,) Beads, Old CDs/DVDs/BluRays/Game Discs (no matter how scratched up - even broken or cracked,) Gems, & much more! Ripped up books? Yes! Scratched up containers? Yes! Old Worn-Out Tables? Yes! Broken Vases? Of Course! Plastic bags or ripped reusable bags? What not? Styrofoam? Sure. Yarn? Yep. Pictures you don't want anymore? Weird but sure, I can find a use for them.



To participate in M.A.D. all you need to do is send your items to this P.O. Box that has been generously funded by Glitter Makes It:

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to pay for your own shipping & handling costs since this projects is very new and I can't afford to offer free shipping at this time. In return for your kindness, time, and energy - I plan to randomly send out Thank You Cards & Thank You Gifts whenever possible. These gifts will always include my original art such stickers or sticker sheets, charms, jewelry, post cards or greeting cards, and more. Most gifts will most likely contain items that have been donated. 

What if Your Item(s) Are to Big to Ship or Will Cost to Much?

If you live in Oregon, you can drop the item(s) off to me or I can pick them up. If I need to pick it up, it will depend on the worth of the item and the mileage for whether-or-not I can pick it up myself. I am working on getting more companies and artists involved in this project so hopefully if you don't live in Oregon, you can find a participating company or artist who will take in your item(s) instead.

Where Do the Profits Go?

All the profits made with art created with donations aka "M.A.D. Art" will be donated to OVANAF Beauty's TIP (read bellow in Plans for The Future for more information.) M.A.D. Art will be sold, auctioned off/bidded on, and donated to help non-profit organizations in need.

Plans for The Future

I am hoping that The M.A.D. Project can eventually offer FREE shipping & handling, freebies to all donations, its own website, community service opportunities such as the Homeless & Low-Income events held by OVANAF Beauty, and much more! These goals can't be done without your help! I'm only one person on housing assistance. I'm not a celebrity. I am disabled with my art as my only income. I realized long ago that one person can't make a difference, at least not by themselves. Though, you know what? One person can start the process.

If you'd like to become a permanent sponsor, please contact me on my Facebook Account at in the corner for more information on how to do that OR if you just want to make a one-time payment to help M.A.D. then please feel free to click the Donate Now link bellow.

Anything and everything helps. Your generous contribution will help make these goal possible. All remaining donations (profits) will be donated to OVANAF Beauty's TIP (The Inspire Program) to help their mission in donating to non-profit organizations on an annual basis.